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Hardware Failure of Asphalt Mixing Plant

The high quality asphalt mixing plant can not avoid certain failures in use, so what are the failures, let the editor of Shandong asphalt mixing station for everyone to analyze:

1. The failure of the cold material feeding device can stop the asphalt mixing plant. It may be that the asphalt mixing plant is faulty or stuck due to crushed stones or foreign objects under the cold material belt. If the circuit is faulty, first check the motor control frequency conversion of the asphalt mixing station.Whether the device is faulty and whether the line is on or off. It may also be that the belt is slipping and it is difficult to run. If there is any, the belt tension should be readjusted. If it is stuck, someone should be sent to clear the obstacles to ensure that the belt runs and feeds well.

high quality asphalt mixing plant

2. The sound of the mixer failure is abnormal, which may be caused by the momentary overload of the mixer, which results in the misalignment of the fixed support of the drive motor or the damage of the fixed bearing. It needs to be reset, fixed or replaced. If the mixer arm, blades or internal guard plate are seriously damaged or fall off, they need to be replaced, otherwise the mixing material will be uneven. If the mixer discharge temperature is abnormal, clean the temperature sensor and check whether the cleaning device is working properly.

3. Sensor failure of high quality asphalt mixing plant. The feeding of each bunker is inaccurate. It may be that the sensor is faulty and should be checked and replaced. Or if the weighing pole is stuck, the foreign body should be removed.

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