DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant manufacturers provide low price high quality Asphalt Mixing plant made in China for sale.

Productivity (under standard conditions): 20t/h
Oil consumption (under standard conditions): 5.5-7kg/t
Operation mode: manual control
Aggregate Bin: 3

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Description of DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

The high quality DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant is mainly divided into four parts: grit material, powder material, water material and admixture, conveying mixing and storage. Asphalt mixing plant is cast by monolithic steel structure. The overall structural strength of the asphalt mixing plant has also been strengthened, and the equipment is easy to install, suitable for a variety of complex terrain structures.

The asphalt mixing plant has good mixing performance. The reason is that the asphalt mixing plant adopts a spiral twin-horizontal shaft forced mixing host, which has strong mixing performance, and can achieve good mixing effect for dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete. Stir well and high efficiency.

Three Principles for Asphalt Mixing Plant Site Selection

Familiar with the route of construction site

Concrete is generally regarded as one of the most important links in construction. DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant manufacturer says, the transportation distance of concrete directly affects the quality of concrete. Therefore, the construction of concrete mixing plants must be considered at the beginning and end to fully meet the site requirements. Before confirming the site selection, you must be familiar with the traffic conditions in the area traversed by the construction line, and confirm the distribution of the concrete according to the construction drawings, so as to locate the approximate center position of the concrete mixing plant.

Understand and master the basic elements of mixing plant construction

The construction of the high quality DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant must take into account basic factors such as water, electricity and floor space. Water is the most basic production factor for the production of mixed concrete. plants in areas without water sources should not be considered for construction of plants. Samples should be taken in advance in areas with water sources and sent to testing plants for water quality inspection.

DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant for sale

Electricity is the most important production factor for the production of mixed concrete. When familiar with the environment, you should consider as close as possible to the place where the electricity can be connected. DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant made in China with a production capacity of 200,000 cubic meters and above covers an area of plant about 20,000 square meters and above. The main considerations are: production area, storage warehouse, test and detection area, power distribution and backup power supply warehouse, cleaning and purification area, Living areas, green belts, circular transport corridors, etc.

Familiar with the surrounding environment of the construction site

The concrete mixing plant is a processing base with a high degree of mechanized construction. Pollution such as dust and noise is more serious. When selecting a site, try to avoid areas with a high concentration of personnel and livestock such as residential groups, schools, breeding bases, etc. To a minimum.

Anti-wear Method of DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant

As a result of raw materials or use methods, the asphalt mixing plant will be subject to a certain degree of wear during the daily application process. If it is not controlled or repaired in time, once it is in long-term contact with air, rain, etc., corrosion may occur. If the components of the low price DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant are severely corroded, the service life and normal operation of the entire equipment will be affected.

Therefore, it is very important for the asphalt mixing plant for sale to do various treatments to prevent its parts from being corroded. In order to achieve this goal, on the one hand, it is necessary to choose good materials with good corrosion resistance when selecting materials for the asphalt mixing plant. material. On the other hand, it is necessary to reduce the surface corrosion of the parts by isolating the air, and also to prevent fatigue damage to the parts, such as fracture and surface peeling.

high quality DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant

DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant manufacturer says, in order to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon, can be used in the production of a more moderate section; Can also use penetration, quenching and other ways to improve the hardness of parts; Still have when design part shape, also want to consider the effect that reduces friction to plan level.

Method for treating dust hazard in Asphalt Mixing Plant

A large amount of dust pollution will be generated during the use of DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant made in China. To reduce the amount of dust generation, you can start with the improvement of the asphalt mixing plant, and optimize the design accuracy of each sealing part of the machine through the design improvement of the whole machine. It is completely sealed during the stirring process of the equipment, so that the dust can be controlled in the stirring equipment. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of optimizing the operation inside the equipment, and pay attention to the control of dust spillage at each step.

Wind dust removal is also one of the methods for dust hazard management in low price DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant. This method is a relatively old-fashioned method. It mainly uses a cyclone dust collector to remove dust. However, because this old-style dust collector can only remove more dust Large particles of dust. But now the society has also made continuous improvements to wind dust collectors. Through the combination of multiple sets of cyclone dust collectors of different sizes, the dust treatment of particles of different sizes is completed.

In addition to the above two methods of dust control, the asphalt mixing plant equipment can also adopt two methods: wet dust removal and bag dust removal. Wet dust removal has a relatively high degree of treatment for dust, which can remove the dust during the stirring process, but because water is used as the dust removal raw material, it will cause water pollution. Bag dust removal is a more suitable dust removal method in asphalt mixing plant for sale. It is a rod dust removal mode suitable for the treatment of small particles of dust.


Productivity (under standard conditions)


Oil consumption (under standard conditions)



Operation mode

manual control

Aggregate Bin


Figure dimension


(length×width ×height): 15×15×6

Total installed power


Production Case


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