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Construction Techniques of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant manufacturers know more about the construction skills in the construction of asphalt mixing plants.

Before the construction of the asphalt mixing plant, the top surface of the asphalt mixing plant should be removed from the construction area, and the site should be kept dry and level up to the design requirements. If the surface is too soft, the foundation should be reinforced to prevent the construction machinery from becoming unstable and the pile frame to be vertical.

Immediately afterwards, the on-site construction machinery shall be inspected to ensure that the machinery is intact and assembled and commissioned under the premise of meeting the requirements. The verticality of the asphalt mixing station must be ensured. The deviation of the gantry guide and the verticality of the mixing shaft from the ground must not exceed 1.0 %.

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As for the setting out of the asphalt mixing station for, it should be operated according to the layout plan of the pile position, and the error should not be greater than 2CM. The asphalt mixer is equipped with 110KVA construction electricity and Φ25mm water pipe to ensure its power supply and various transportation management are normal and stable.

When the asphalt mixing station is ready for positioning, the motor of the asphalt mixing plant can be turned on, and the wet spraying method can be used to pre-mix the cut soil to sink; wait until the mixing shaft sinks to the designed depth before starting at 0.45 ~ 0.8m / min Speed up drilling and grouting.

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