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How Does A Concrete Pump Truck Handle Concrete

HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete pump truck for raw materials selection, mix proportion design, admixture science reasonable use and the pumpability of concrete have special technical requirements, according to the engineering properties and characteristics, the size of the quantities, pumping height requirements for the machine is equipped with the tube, cloth technique, pouring into the mould until the maintenance also has a strict technical standard.

At the same time, there is a certain loss of concrete slump from the fresh concrete out of the machine to the construction site into the mold, the amount of slump loss due to the use of admixture and mix ratio and pump distance is different. Generally, the slump before and after pumping increases with the pumping distance.

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In the pumping process of the concrete pump truck made in Chin, if the pump pressure is increased, it is easy to dehydrate the concrete and increase the friction between the concrete and the pipe wall. The change of gas content before and after pumping can not be ignored. Generally, the change of gas content before and after pumping is between -0.2% and -1.5%. These influencing factors have a certain influence on fresh concrete and hardened concrete. How to keep the uniformity of concrete before and after pumping by the Concrete Pump Truck for sale so that the change is as small as possible is an important problem of the concrete pump truck.

The relationship between the integrity, fluidity and pumpability of fresh concrete must be considered in the preparation of concrete pump truck. Part because of its high building structure reinforcement density, the environment do not allow the vibrating, concrete must have self-compacting ability, can achieve pumping, dense, also not settlement stratification, hardened concrete has the ideal mechanical properties and deformation performance, mainly including the compressive strength, elastic modulus, shrinkage, creep, etc. The durable performance.

Generally speaking, the slump value of HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck made in China is suitable for 180-200mm, water-cement ratio is suitable for 0.4-0.6, sand rate is suitable for 38%-45%, and the minimum cement dosage is suitable for 300k/m3.

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