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Concrete Pump Truck-Brake Pedal Travel Fault Cause And Maintenance

HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump Truck brake pedal travel is too large, slow braking effect, braking efficiency is very low, even lost, braking distance increases.

Causes of the problem:

1. Brake oil pressure. (oil shortage brake master cylinder, brake pipe rupture, pipe joint leakage, oil plug).

2. With the air brake system.

3. Brake pedal free travel or brake clearance is too large, brake shoe friction plate contact, serious wear or oil.

4. Brake master cylinder, wheel cylinder piston and earthen tube wear or strain, cup aging damage.

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1. Continuous brake pedal, pedal etc increase, elastic feeling, but in the pause, the pedal is still very low, is with the air brake system, then deal with the exhaust brake system.

2. The foot brake is not effective, but several consecutive pedal braking effect is very good, the general brake pedal free travel is too large or brake clearance is too large. Pedal free travel should be adjusted, then check brake clearance, if necessary brake crash repair.

3. HDT5350THB-4245 Concrete Pump Truck brake pedal, not weak and not heavy, but the braking effect is not good, concrete pump truck wheel brake failure phenomenon, such as brake shoe oil or bad contact, aging, wear and brake drum uneven wear. Check brake technical status, adjust and repair if necessary.

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