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China Trailer Concrete Pump Characteristics

The traditional mortar pump for underfloor heating cannot deliver the fine stone concrete. According to the characteristics of floor heating construction equipment, HAOMEI designed and manufactured a small s-tube valve mortar pump -- China trailer concrete pump, which successfully solved the problem of transporting fine stone concrete in floor heating construction.

The main features

• the concrete pump USES s-tube valve to change direction, which can satisfy the transportation of fine stone concrete;

China trailer concrete pump

• S tube valve is equipped with floating wear ring, automatic compensation for wear, good sealing;

• the glasses plate and cutting ring are made of high hardness and wear-resistant alloy material with long service life;

• high outlet pressure, China trailer concrete pump can meet the transport requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction;

• the hydraulic system of the concrete pump adopts double-loop system, with fast reversing speed and high efficiency;

• hydraulic oil cooling adopts air cooling cooling system, no need to receive water, easy to use;

• anti-pump function to reduce pipe blockage;

• equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the service life of rotating parts;

• the electrical part is controlled by PLC, with good control characteristics;

• electrical box of China trailer concrete pump is equipped with wired remote control handle for easy operation.

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