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Concrete Mixing Plant Operation of Ten Common Sense

High quality hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant equipment belong to large concrete automated production equipment, standard operating norms and reasonable maintenance is the key to the equipment normal operation and stable use, good equipment can also operate, this is the webmaster need to focus on the mixing station and therefore need your concrete mixing station stationmaster for matters need to pay attention to in the operation and possible problems have a certain understanding, and able to timely solve the problems.

high quality hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant

The following are some common problems and solutions of hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant factory for small and medium sized concrete mixing station equipment, for the reference of mixing station owners or operators.

1. Timely check various operating parts before starting production, and debug electrical devices and control units

After starting the machine, it should wait until the motor is normally running, and then push on the general concentrator. The machine should be empty for 2-3 minutes. For example, the concrete mixer can be operated for 2-3 minutes without any abnormal effect.

2. Hzs120 stationary concrete mixing station workers need to wear masks, sleeves work uniforms to work.

3. During operation, it is strictly prohibited to repair and maintain the equipment, so as to avoid digging mortar or discharging materials into the mixing cylinder.

4. In case of sudden power failure or problems in the full load operation of the concrete mixer, pull down the switch immediately and clear the concrete in the mixing cylinder with manpower. Do not drive the mixer with load, in case the motor is damaged due to too much current at startup.

5. The operator of the electric mixer in the simple hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant must stand on the operation table with wooden boards.

6. If the power of the concrete mixer is above 5 kw, the starter must be installed. When starting, such as the attack of arc, fire or voltage suddenly low and other circumstances, should promptly stop starting, shut down the power supply, stop production troubleshooting problems and timely repair.

7. Hopper lift customized hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant hopper into the air, it is prohibited to work under the hopper or stand and walk, the foundation pit of the hopper need to clean or under the hopper inspection, must communicate with the operators - must shut down and lock the hopper can be carried out.

8. Straw bags shall be laid at the bottom of the foundation pit for pillow cushion of the hopper. Stop the hopper when it lands on the ground, and then put it to the bottom, so as not to damage the hopper by landing too fast.

9. When the feeding hopper rises, the fresh water valve should be opened and inserted into the personal water, and the water should not be released after the material is fed into the cylinder.

10. In a timely manner to the low cost hzs120 stationary concrete batching plant equipment cleaning and maintenance work, every production must be finished to clean the mixer, and the reducer and other parts of the operation for maintenance.

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