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Concrete Mixing Plant Maintenance Nine Steps

1. Ensure that the main engine of stationary concrete batching plant and its surrounding environment are clean.

2. Inspect and clean the accumulations in the hopper of concrete batching station at all times to ensure the normal return to zero of the sensor.

3. Check whether the lubricating oil at each lubrication point is enough, and the oil mist in the air circuit system should keep enough oil.

4. Check whether each motor and electrical appliance has overheating phenomenon and abnormal noise, whether the instrument indication is normal, and whether the signal system runs normally.

china concrete mixing plant

5. Regularly check China mobile concrete batching plant, adjust the cylinder, vibration motor and solenoid valve, etc. to make the opening and closing conform to the standards.

6. Check each system of concrete mixing station frequently, if there is leakage of ash, air, oil and electricity, and other phenomena to be promptly dealt with.

7. The mixing machine and the inlet and outlet hopper should be cleaned every four hours to avoid the residual concrete condensation, which will hinder the normal operation.

8. Every time, the water in the air compressor, storage tank and filter should be discharged, and the faults in operation should be eliminated.

9. Butterfly valve, mixing main engine, solenoid valve, air filter, vibration motor and oil mist are maintained according to the instruction of China concrete mixing plant.

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