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Concrete Mixer Pump Sri Lanka

Trailer concrete mixer pump Sri Lanka, referred to as trailer pump, is one of various concrete machinery, used for conveying and pouring in concrete construction. 37 kilowatts (currently the smallest domestic standard concrete pump, fine stone mortar pumps below 37 kilowatts), 45 kilowatts, 55 kilowatts, 75 kilowatts, 90 kilowatts, 110 kilowatts, 130 kilowatts (diesel), 132 kilowatts, 162 kilowatts (diesel), 174 kilowatts (diesel).

concrete mixer pump sri lanka

When choosing a large motor concrete pump, first consider the capacity of the transformer, and secondly consider the distance from the concrete pump and the size of the wire diameter, so as to avoid excessive voltage drop causing current increase or tripping down, and excessive power causing cost increase and inconvenience. The motor is too small to meet the needs of the project at the same time.

The relationship between the power of the concrete trailer ground pump, the outlet pressure of the concrete delivery pump, and the delivery volume of the concrete delivery pump: the motor power of a concrete delivery pump is a prerequisite for determining the outlet pressure and delivery volume. Under the condition of a certain motor power , The increase in pressure will inevitably reduce the delivery volume; on the contrary, reducing the outlet pressure will increase the delivery volume.

concrete pump sri lanka

In order to ensure that concrete mixer pump Sri Lanka must have a large delivery volume, but also have a certain outlet pressure and matching economic power, in the design of the concrete delivery pump, most of the constant power plunger pumps are used; that is, the constant power value After selection, when the outlet pressure increases, the output displacement of the oil pump will automatically decrease to reach the value corresponding to the power design; if you want to achieve high outlet pressure, but also want to achieve the purpose of large delivery volume. The only way is to increase the motor power.

concrete mixer pump nigeria

Technical parameters of HBT-80 trailer concrete pump:

Model: HBT-80

Motor: 90KW

Voltage: 380V

Square volume: 80m³

Weight: 3250KG

Outlet pressure: 13Mpa

Dimensions: 6000*2160*2300mm

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