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Concrete Mixer Pump Manufacturers South Africa

Concrete pumps are widely used in construction projects. Whether it is basic buildings, transportation buildings, or energy buildings, concrete pumps are used in national defense buildings. Concrete mixer pump manufacturers south africa say. Therefore, the correct operation of the concrete pump is particularly important. Avoiding misunderstandings can reduce the chance of machine damage.

concrete mixer pump manufacturers south africa

Misunderstanding 1: Too much water is being pumped

Before pumping, pump an appropriate amount of water to smooth the pipeline. Because the pipeline is long, you should add enough water to make it sufficiently smooth. However, if the pumped water volume is too much, the apron at some pipe clamps may be washed out and leaked. When making mortar, because the interface between the mortar and water is soaked in water for a long time, the water takes away the cement slurry, forming mortar segregation, and the pumping resistance increases, causing the cement slurry to squeeze out from the damaged apron and form a pipe blockage.

Misunderstanding two, there are too many pipe bends in China concrete pump

1. The long-distance pumping resistance of the concrete pump is large, and the bends should be reduced as much as possible when laying the pipes, and the large bends should be used as much as possible instead of the small bends. Practice has proved that every additional 90o×R1000 elbow is equivalent to adding a 5m horizontal pipe. Therefore, only 4 φ12 90o×R1000 elbow pipes are used for pipe layout, and the others are φ12×3m straight pipes and φ12×2m straight pipes, with a total length of 310m.

mobile concrete mixer with pump

2. Pay attention to the reinforcement of the pipe and the fastening of the pipe clamp. This kind of long-distance pumping will encounter scenes such as increased pipe beating and pipe stuck exploding. Therefore, the corners and some straight pipes must be adequately reinforced to slow down the impact.

Misunderstanding three, start operation without checking the concrete pump

Before the concrete pump is pumped, the equipment should be fully checked:

1. Check if mobile concrete mixer with pump is placed stably and firmly as requested;

2. Check whether the water tank is filled with clean water; fill the oil tank of the smooth grease pump with lithium-based grease smooth oil; check the glasses plate, the gap should not be too large, otherwise the same situation will be caused by internal leakage; consider the pump If the delivery pressure is high and the main safety valve overflows, the main system pressure can be adjusted to 28MPa.

china concrete pump

Misunderstanding four, the concrete pump is not clean after use

After pumping the small concrete pump integrated machine, the pipeline should be cleaned in time. The cleaning should be disconnected from the center and cleaned twice to ensure safety and reliability. It should be noted that when inserting the sponge ball, a cement bag should be added in front of it, two sponge balls, and a clean piston should be added.

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