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Concrete Mixer Pump Cleaning Method

Concrete mixer pump factory for you to introduce the concrete mixer pump cleaning method.

1. Roll the cement bag into a size with a diameter smaller than the conveying bar of the concrete mixer pump, with a slightly pointed head and a length of about 400 mm. Tie it well with thin iron wire.

2. After conveying concrete, the reverse pump shall be used for one or two cycles to eliminate the pressure in the conveying pipe. Press the button to make the concrete cylinder piston retreat to the last point. In case of upward pumping and globe valve, close first to prevent backflow of concrete.

china concrete mixer pump

3. Remove the discharge pipe of China concrete mixer pump, open the hopper discharge door, and the concrete in the distribution valve, concrete cylinder and hopper will be rinsed clean by the reverse pump.

4. Close the hopper discharge door and add water to the hopper. When the water is added to the diameter of the concrete cylinder two-thirds of the height, put the column head in the direction of the distribution valve into the concrete cylinder.

5. Remove the pry bar from the concrete mixer pump, quickly start the pumping, and continue to add water until the column is pumped out from the output end of the conveying pipe. The advantage of the piston method is that the pipeline cleaning is clean, the flow rate of the water can be lower, can be suspended, while reducing the trouble of the discharge and bending.

This method of cleaning the concrete mixer pump by China concrete mixer pump factory, the advantage is simple, the disadvantage is that the operation requirements are higher, the distribution valve is easy to cut off the column.

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