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Maintenance Method of China Pump Truck

At present, more and more China pump trucks are warmly welcomed by the vast number of construction units, especially the country strongly supports urbanization and new rural construction, small concrete pump trucks are greatly loved. And pump truck daily maintenance method, also received attention, so how to better maintenance pump truck?

1. According to the corresponding requirements and methods in the product manual, the maintenance method of the small concrete pump truck should check the relevant items before and after the use of the pump truck.

China pump truck

2. According to the detailed description of China pump truck, timely and adequate lubrication of each part, in order to extend the life of each part.

3. Use the hydraulic oil recommended by the company and replace the hydraulic system oil regularly.

4. Regularly check the water tank, concrete cylinder and concrete conveying pipe of the pumping system.

5. Regularly check and adjust the torque of fixing bolts on the rotating base of the boom.

6. Regularly check and adjust the arm frame, rotating base, supporting legs, supporting structure, reducer and other components.

7. Regularly check the working status of hydraulic system and components, electrical system and components.

8. China pump truck maintenance method should be adopted for cold weather.

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