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With the continuous development and progress of society, the technology research and development of China concrete pump is also constantly innovating. At this stage, concrete pumps are widely used in cement concrete pumping projects in construction engineering, as key industrial equipment in concrete construction. On-site operation and construction teams need to pay attention to and understand how to operate the concrete pump correctly, and what adverse effects will be caused by incorrect operation.

concrete mixer pump machine

1. The sand and gravel particle size, cement type and ratio should meet the requirements of the pump's mechanical performance according to the factory instructions.

2. The bolts of the concrete pump should be tightened, the pipe joints should be tightened and sealed, and the protection devices should be complete and reliable.

3. All parts of the control start, the adjustment rocker, main shaft, adjustment rod, cock, etc. should be in the correct position, and the hydraulic transmission system should be normal and without leakage.

4. Do not open any transportation pipelines and hydraulic pipelines when the concrete mixer pump machine is under force. The safety valve of the hydraulic transmission system cannot be adjusted arbitrarily, and the accumulator can only be filled with ammonia gas.

China concrete pump

5. All kinds of instruments and indicator lights on the concrete pump should be monitored at any time, and when abnormalities are found, adjust or deal with them in time. If the pipeline is blocked, the reverse operation should be carried out to return the concrete to the silo, and the pipe should be removed if necessary to remove the blockage.

After work, all the concrete in the silo and pipeline is output, and then the pump, the silo, and the pipeline are cleaned. When flushing the pipeline with compressed air, be careful not to stand within ten meters directly in front of the outlet of concrete mixer pump machine, and use metal mesh baskets to collect the washed out foam rubber and sand particles.

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