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China Concrete Mixer Pump Manufacturer

Concrete mixer pump manufacturers say that concrete pumps are a common item in the construction process. They are used for the transportation and supply of concrete in reinforced concrete structures. They can increase the construction rate and are loved by many construction units. At this stage, such industrial equipment has been widely used in house construction.

concrete mixer pump manufacturers

So, how to deal with the cut-off problem of concrete pump

1. The pumped concrete should be mixed evenly and the slump should be adjusted. During the transportation, the pump should not be erected halfway.

2. Set two proximity switches in the water storage tank between the oil cylinder and the concrete cylinder, and set the start, end and end positions of the letter port according to the displacement of the main oil pump and the bore and stroke of the main oil cylinder. The distance between the proximity switches is generally total 5% to 12% of the stroke, relative adjustments are actually made according to the concrete conditions of China concrete mixer pump.

china concrete mixer pump

3. When the transportation pipeline is blocked, reverse pump operation should be carried out to return the concrete to the silo.

Concrete pumps are very common in the construction process. If the concrete pump has a cut-off problem during work, it can be dealt with from the above three aspects. If there is a need, please do not hesitate to find a concrete pump manufacturer.

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