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Check Concrete Pump Before Use

HAOMEI has been specialized in producing China concrete mixer pumps for more than 10 years. Since returning to work, it has been paying close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and at the same time has stepped up production in an orderly manner. Recently, some old customers consulted with after-sales personnel about the inspection work of the concrete pump after the construction site resumed, so today we will talk about the maintenance work of the equipment in detail.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the concrete pump and not delay the construction, it is suggested that the operators should make regular inspection and maintenance before and during the construction.

China concrete mixer pumps

1. Maintenance of vulnerable parts: Check S-tube, spectacle plate, cutting ring, concrete piston, gate valve assembly, transition sleeve, tire, discharge port, straight tube, pipe clamp, rubber ring, etc. of concrete pump, and replace them in time when necessary.

2. Maintenance of lubrication system: check the working condition of the lubrication system of Chinese concrete mixer pump. It should be noted that the indicator rod of the progressive oil distributor is found to move back and forth. Lubricating oil overflows from the lubrication points such as the bearing position at the swing arm end of the S tube and the bearing position of the mixing shaft. Each shift of manual lubrication points shall be filled with grease.

3. Maintenance of hydraulic system: Check the hydraulic system of China concrete mixer pump for oil leakage and oil seepage. The hydraulic oil level, oil quality and oil quality shall be light yellow and transparent without emulsification or turbidity, otherwise they shall be replaced. Whether the hydraulic oil is mixed with too much water. Every 20 days, a funnel-shaped bottom plug at the bottom of the oil tank should be unscrewed for drainage. After draining about 2-3 litres, tighten the plug.

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