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Characteristics of YHZS25 Concrete Batch Plant

1. The conveying of cement from the storage hopper of yhzs25 concrete batch plant to the weighing meter adopts a screw conveyor with a conveying capacity of 30t/h; the cement in the weighing hopper is also fed into the mixing drum by a screw conveyor with a conveying capacity of 30t/ h; Aggregate (sand, stone 1, stone 2) is fed into the mixing drum through the conveyor after being measured by the accumulator.

2. The belt conveyor adopts a new type of conveyor belt with skirts, and has cross-bars, which improves the inclination angle and transportation capacity (250t/h).

yhzs25 concrete batch plant

3. The water distribution system of yhzs25 concrete batching plant consists of a water tank, an admixture tank, a filter screen, a water pump, an admixture pump, a worm gear precision flowmeter, a pneumatic rubber-lined diaphragm valve, and a water distribution pipe. When water (admixture) flows through the flow meter, the impeller of the flow meter is impulsively rotated, and a pulse signal is sent to the control electric appliance to achieve the purpose of measurement. And according to the requirements of the mixing ratio, water and admixtures are added to the mixing drum regularly and quantitatively.

4. The concrete mixing plant has two lever scales, which are used for cement weighing and aggregate weighing respectively.

a. The working principle of yhzs25 mobile concrete batch plant is that the weighing hopper transfers the mass of the material to the steel belt of the lever dial through the three-level lever, pulls the cam to rotate, so that the sector gear drives the pinion to rotate, and the pointer fixed on the pinion also follows. Regular rotation, indicating the weighing value on the dial. An oil damper is installed in the dial to prevent the hands from swinging due to the flow of aggregate or cement.

yhzs25 mobile concrete batch plant

b. In order to achieve the purpose of automatic weighing, the pinion gear is installed on the shaft end of the potentiometer. The rotation of the pinion drives the selection of the potentiometer. The output voltage of the potentiometer is compared with the voltage of the given value of the operating panel through the operational amplifier circuit. When the given voltage of the operation panel is greater than the output voltage of the potentiometer, the door is opened and the weighing starts; when the voltage of yhzs25 mobile concrete batching plant is balanced, the weighing ends. Weighing accuracy: ±2% for aggregate and ±1% for cement. Water and additives are measured by volume, with an accuracy of ±1%.

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