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Application Range of Concrete Pump

China mobile concrete pump, also known as trailer concrete pump made in China, is a small concrete tow pump. Concrete pump is a fine stone concrete conveying equipment specially developed for the characteristics of underfloor backfilling construction and other building constructions by adopting advanced development methods. In the ground heating backfill construction and many other concrete construction projects, the use of concrete pumps greatly improves the operating efficiency and reduces the labor intensity, and it is not easy to damage the ground heating pipes or heating cables during the construction process. advantage.

China concrete pumps not only show their advantages in underfloor heating backfill construction and other building construction, they are also applicable in other aspects:

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1. Medium transportation: the transportation of fluorosilicic acid and phosphoric acid slurry containing silica gel in the sulfuric acid phosphate fertilizer industry, as well as various acid liquids, corrosive ore slurry, and slurry in the nonferrous metal smelting industry Use) electrolyte, sewage and other media delivery.

2. Sewage treatment: treatment of leather sewage, electroplating sewage, electronic sewage, papermaking sewage, textile sewage, food sewage, domestic sewage, pharmaceutical industry sewage, etc., as well as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid post of pickling system, sewage with impurities.

3. China mobile concrete pumps are also used for the transportation of corrosive liquids and coal slurry in the coal industry and coal chemical industry.

4. It is used for the transportation of fine stone concrete in high-rise buildings, and the group construction column pouring of building floors. Scope of application: It is suitable for the transportation of fine stone concrete in high-rise buildings, and the group construction column pouring column for building floors.

It can be seen that the application range of concrete pumps is so wide. Our company is trailer concrete pump factory. If you need it, please call us!

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