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Action of Plug Valve In Asphalt Batching Plant

Asphalt mixing plant sales is made of grader, vibrating screen, belt feeder, powder conveyor, hoist and other parts, and the plug valve is one of them. So what is its specific function in the asphalt mixing plant? Today shandong asphalt mixing plant small make up for everyone:

The plug valve is a closed or plunger - shaped rotary valve, generally need to go through the rotation of 90 degrees of Angle to make the valve plug on the channel and the same body, or separated to play an open or closed role. In the asphalt mixing plant the shape of the plug valve is generally cylindrical or cone.

asphalt mixing plant sales

In the asphalt mixing plant if you see the channel is rectangular, then generally in the cylindrical valve plug, if it is trapezoidal channel is tapered valve plug. For the plug valve different structures are in order to make its structure become light, the main role is used to block or connect to the medium, another use is the use of shunt.

Although the plug valve is frequently used in the asphalt mixing plant sales, it is not easy to encounter problems due to its convenient operation. The advantages of the plug valve are small fluid resistance, simple structure, easy maintenance, good sealing performance and no vibration, small noise.

The above is the role of the plug valve in the asphalt mixing plant, if you need the asphalt mixing plant, please contact us. We have all kinds of asphalt mixing plants, I believe you will find the one you need!

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