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Maintenance of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Did you do the maintenance of the asphalt mixing plant near me? Maintenance is an important link to ensure the normal operation of the mixing equipment, the failure rate is reduced, and the service life is extended. Generally, at low temperatures, the mixing plant is shut down. The cold climate and environmental conditions will make the use of asphalt mixing plants face severe challenges. In order to make the mixing plant smoothly use in harsh climate conditions, the asphalt equipment is snow-proof Maintenance measures are essential.

Let's take a look at the maintenance method of asphalt mixing plant near me in low temperature and snow season

1. Bearings on the equipment that need to be lubricated regularly need to be filled with lubricating grease or covered with oil filling ports to prevent rain and snow from seeping into the bearings and causing corrosion.

2. All motors and burners are covered with waterproof cloth to prevent snow and moisture.

3. The winter mixing station may be used as a winter shelter for rats, cable ducts, control room locations, etc., must be done to prevent rodents, etc., if necessary, put a mouse board or rodenticide.

asphalt mixing plant near me

4. The belt needs to be tensioned during production. Each belt needs to be adjusted to be loose after entering the winter to prevent the belt from cracking or deforming due to thermal expansion and contraction.

5. The cold silo, hot silo and all dust silos should be emptied to prevent agglomeration.

6. The dust collector should do a good job of cleaning, leak-proof and waterproof work should be done after installation, to prevent the cloth bag from getting wet, etc.

7. If it is a municipal station, it needs to be produced after mid-to-late October, and the lubricating oil of each reducer should be replaced with the corresponding winter special oil.

Doing good maintenance and standardizing operations can not only reduce equipment failures, but also reduce unnecessary losses, which can greatly extend the service life of equipment and reduce the cost of use. Large-scale mechanical equipment such as asphalt mixing plant near me is afraid of failure to affect production and supply. In order to reduce the equipment failure rate and ensure the quality of asphalt aggregates, these are inseparable from maintenance work, especially the annual maintenance and start-up The previous equipment maintenance is a necessary link to ensure that the equipment is always running in good condition.

The above is the maintenance of the asphalt mixing plant brought to you by the manufacturer of the asphalt mixing plant.

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