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Use Method Of Asphalt Mixing Plant

Low Price LB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant belongs to large equipment, in use must pay attention to safety, so as to avoid accidents. But say simply, want to achieve safety to use truly, still need to master a few basic knowledge, basically must bear in mind the following a few items.

lb800 asphalt mixing plant

First of all, it is about the placement of asphalt mixing station, improper placement may also cause safety hazards, it is best to place the machine in a flat place, but also in its front shaft shaft wheel with sleepers fixed and overhead tires, so that the machine does not move in the work. Secondly, before the power to check, empty test run, check the matter including whether there is leakage; Whether the stirring rate is normal or not, etc.

If the direction of operation of the stirring drum is not consistent with the arrow, the positive and negative terminals of the connection shall be replaced. Finally, the lb800 asphalt mixing plant is shut down for a period of time before cleaning. Don't forget to drain the water to prevent a change in the formula from damaging the equipment.

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